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We have been in the software product industry for decades. We’ve seen it all—and we know what it takes to make a software product engage customers, deliver to business needs, and increase profitability.

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Hi, I’m Ben Holland.

Throughout my career, I have seen the same issues plague software products. I started KREE to bring solid product leadership to any company to help increase your product’s chances of success.

Funny story. See that beautiful lady to the right? She’s a twin. My wife and her twin sister have a made-up “twin” language. In their language, “KREE” means “Cool” or “Awesome.” I started KREE to help business leaders understand the made-up language of tech.

KREE started out as just me in 2019. Throughout 2020, we have grown to include top notch product consultants, a recruiting team, and development partners. Our team is passionate about helping software products succeed.
We exist to help founders with an app or software idea get their idea to market. Whether you’ve built software before or not, you are probably concerned that your product won’t succeed. We can’t guarantee every product will succeed, but we certainly can help increase the chances.
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All of our clients have stated that KREE has met or exceed their expectations.


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All of our clients come from referrals or word-of-mouth. Our reputation precedes us.



Our team has worked on hundreds of products collectively

“What an incredible gift it’s been to work with Ben and the KREE team. Not only are they speaking our language, but they are interpreting our customer’s needs and problems into valuable software solutions. We’re excited to continue working with KREE!”

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Bjork Ostrom

CEO • TinyBit Inc.

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