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Unlock Your Software Product’s Potential

We are a software product agency that helps companies create products that succeed. We focus on product strategy and executional excellence.

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Product Strategy & Development Experts
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    • Product Strategy

    Achieve Product-Market Fit

    Having a brilliant idea is an important start. And knowing exactly what value your software brings to your users is a critical to your software’s success.

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    • Invest In People

    Bolster Your Product Team

    Product teams are often spread thin. Bring depth to your team and a set of capable hands to carry out complex initiatives or augment your existing skills.

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    • Product Development

    Create Apps That Delight

    Working with our partners, we provide dedicated product development teams, including design, engineering, and test. We help startup founders take ideas from prototypes to validation to market, fostering critical insights that set your product up to succeed.

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    Some Brands We Work With

    Our clients range from large and complex to fast-moving and disruptive startups.

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    Product Strategy Experts

    Unleash your Product Potential

    Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

    (949) 401-9014

    It’s like throwing gasoline on your red-hot opportunity.

    Whether you’ve got an idea that is sitting on the shelf or whether your product is already in the market, we help you develop a strategy and execution plan that targets the right customers, increasing your profitability.

    Why Work With Us
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    We Build Relationships

    Successful products are built by exceptional teams. We believe that helping your team reach their potential is pivotal to helping your product succeed.

    Proprietary Processes

    We’ve spent decades refining the proprietary processes that enable you to identify your customers’ problems quickly and create a product strategy that will succeed.

    Our Core Beliefs

    Winner Seo Master

    Deliver Value Quickly

    Top Social Media Agencies

    Focus on the Most Important Initiatives

    Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

    Understand Customers’ Needs & Wants Continuously

    Award National

    Create & Maintain a Common Language

    “KREE worked closely with me on developing the product for my company Troglo. It was under their mentorship that my startup idea was brought to life and got closer to product-market fit, allowing us to secure a seed round of $150K. Excited to be working with KREE on scaling the company and seeing what happens next!”
    Chris Badaoui

    Chief Product Officer – Troglo, Ltd.

    Product Corner: Insider Insight on Building Exceptional Products

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    Let’s Make Things Happen

    We’re here to help you deliver what your customer really wants and increase your profitability.

    “KREE’s direction and guidance helped us find what we were looking for to bridge the gap on our product strategy and secure the seed round funding we needed.

    Jerrod Kuhn

    Lift AI • Head of Business Ops

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    Product Strategy & Development Experts
    (949) 401-9014

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